Council Ring 1946/1947


by Pop Hollandsworth


These were made in 1946 or '47 by Red Sisley.  Red and Marjie Sisley were at Sequoyah these two years, Red as Business Manager and camp photographer, and Marjie worked in the office.  Red died in the 1950s, and since the death of her second husband, Marjie has been Mrs. "Pop" Hollandsworth for the past 21 years.



Uncle Mike and Chief entering the Council Ring.  Perhaps an Old Sequoyan can identify the mysterious person between them.



Uncle Mike drumming, with gloved dancer performing.  Uncle Mike had secured two wooden masks from the famous mask carver, Will WestLong. (Tommy Stapleton with Cabin I left bench,  Leon Cohen [?] seated left and below uncle Mike)



Chief presiding.  Other Will WestLong mask.  Dancer???  I danced with the masks many times as "Old Man of the Mountains", "Laborer in Darkness", etc.  However, I do not remember that my burlap sack was that decorated, or that my legs were that handsome.