Brud Harbourt's
Sequoyah 1967

First Five



View from Cabin 23


Althetic Field and Naiset-Awi


Bald Knob




Cabin 23




Program shack, horseshoe pit


McAfee at Second


Ted McNaughton


Field Day - Lupton, Carlyle, Giardini, Kirby, Atkins, Atwood, Marty, Buddy


Field Day


Clem, Heard, Rod, Morrison, Edwards, Atwood


Shoff, Edwards
Cohen, Kirby, Rod
Avery, ?, Dodson, Clements


Wooten, Edwards
Marty Herman, ?, Lupton, Atwood
Rod, ?, Luption, Morrison, Giardini


Cunningham, Ralston
Lupton, ?, Giardini
Atwood, Lutkins, Rod, Marty, Morrison


Atwater, Ralson
Giardini, McNair, Rod
Arrington, Brud, Maurice, ?


Adirondack from Athletic Field


Lunch, July 4 - Kaghan, George, Rod, Ed Donohoo, David Woote


Rod and Sammy O'Keefe


Buddy in sweatshirt coming up field


File Day Egg Toss
David and Gary Cohen (David won)


Cabin 23
Front - David, Rod, George
Back - Marty, Buddy, McAfee


Field Day Cross Country
Cabin 23 1st and 2nd, McAfee and Stephens


David throttled by Ed Donohoo


Marty Herman


Water show


Cabin 23 - Rod, Marty, David, Al


Cabin 23 - Peter, George, Marty






From dam overlooking bridge to Junior Camp


From lake towards Neal cabin


Craggy Dome and Pinnacle


Garden house between Craggy Gardens and pinnacle


Council ring




From inspiration Point


Adirondack, David Wooten


Sequoyah from Tsali


Ted McNaughton


Chief's Grave, Inspiration Point