Hello Fellow Alumni,

My mother’s father Chief Johnson founded and directed Camp Sequoyah. You may remember him as a friend, an inspiration and a camp director. I grew up in the tradition of Camp. It became the light and direction of my life. As camper and later staff member, I soaked up all camp could offer and infused it into my life vision.

When the camp closed in 1978 I cried- but didn’t stop living in the Sequoyah program and values. I made lots of unusual choices based on the insight, inspiration, and direction I received from Sequoyah. There is a biography out about my life works at Turtle Island Preserve written by Elizabeth Gilbert published by Viking Penguin books. It is entitled “The Last American Man” and explores my roots at Sequoyah- and the unusual and accomplished life that it produced. I hope you might enjoy it and see your common roots with the Sequoyah experience.

The camp Sequoyah tradition lives and you can be a part of a vital program now! We have a webpage at www.turtleislandpreserve.com to show folks about our programs. I hope that if you are interested in continuing the spirit of Sequoyah that you will please visit our site, either on-line or physically at the preserve. I encourage you to get in touch with us if you are interested in our programs or want to receive our e-mail updates.

Please send us some campers, your children or grandchildren, to experience Turtle Island Preserve. We are a small high quality wilderness-based and child-centered experiential education focused camp. We have eighteen successful years of operation here at the “new” Sequoyah grounds, following closely the tradition of the camp originally founded by my grandfather in 1924. I wish you well and invite you to help me keep alive a good family tradition by supporting us in any way possible.



Eustace Conway