The Camp With a Purpose

Mike Miller



Drawing a Line in the Sand

What made all this so special?


It wasn’t the personal interactions with Chief…most kids did not interact with him much. Most counselors heard and saw him in meetings. It was what he stood steadfast for and what was imbued into his staff from his passion.  He hired young men as counselors who were worthy of emulation. He made sure that they were, as best he could.

  • Small cabin groups foster closeness.
  • No threat of failure or rejection.
  • Taking care of and taking pride in our space and our selves and our environment.

Practicing personal faith. Living personal faith. Seeing others do it, too. Being unashamed of our faith. Chief made it clear where he stood and that principles of camp came from where he stood, but he did not proselytize.

Real men:

  • Steel and velvet were both needed
  • Manners
  • Cleanliness
  • Trustworthy
  • Daring yet safe
  • Personal involvement and interpersonal relationships between boys and counselor
  • Believe in themselves. Failure is simply an opportunity to do something better.
  • Respect for women, parents, diversity, ourselves.


An opportunity to be quiet and still and just listen…

  • Morning watch
  • Cabin Devotions
  • Chapel
  • Free time to just roam and think
  • Learning the difference between commitment and preference
  • Learning the value of each other and seeing ourselves in others.
  • Providing a free childhood, safe, comfortable, full of fun, with people who like you.
  • Trusting and enjoying male adults with values
  • Growth as a person: Body – Soul - Spirit