Summer 2004 Reunion


Summer of '04 brought a hearty group of Old Sequoyans and Friends of Sequoyah for a weekend of work, brain storming, camping and good times at beautiful Sequoyah.

Mark Wilde-Ramsing, David Glasgow and Jack Rice came early, to do some weed whacking with Barry Durand.  In particular, David attacked the vines that were strangling Chief's house.  He succeeded in restoring Chief's handiwork to much of its splendor.

Seventy Sequoyans and Friends of Sequoyah attended, many accompanied by their families.  Inclement weather threatened throughout, but the anti-rain dances worked, and we were spared. (Excepting once, when stouthearted men took on the Craggy Gardens loop and encountered Murphy's Law in the form of a squall line.)

Saturday brought a wonderful barbecue spread, with all the trimmings.  Afterwards, led by Barry, we engaged in a thorough and thoughtful discussion of Sequoyah's present and future, reported here by John Andrews:

Sifting through the memories, the emotions, and the various points-of-view, some good points were made. Mark and Glen talked about the preservation effort, from an Archeologist’s perspective. Jack stressed the importance of getting/keeping Sequoyans involved via the website.  Both are worthy efforts. Chuck McGrady made an excellent presentation, depicting the difficulties of running a modern-day summer camp. In general, it seemed that everyone was willing to contribute to the preservation effort in some form.

Sunday fittingly closed the reunion with a morning visit to Inspiration Point.


Roster of Attendees

John Andrews

Jim Bonds

David Brown

Frank Bryant

Jim Crump

Bill Embler

Jim Fielder

David Glasgow

Dick Graham

Walter Graham

Dorn Hetzel


David Hutto

Walter Kuentzel

Pete Landry

Jim Lowe

David Lutkin

Chuck McGrady

John McLeod

Mike Miller

Ben Moore

René Nielsen

David Norwood

Bob O'Callaghan

Bill Palmer

Garrett Randolph

Jack Rice

Morgan Sommerville

Wallace Tallant

Mark Wilde-Ramsing

James Wilson

Steve Wilson

Thom Young



"Serendipitous Attendees"

Sequoyans who heeded the "Come to Sequoyah" call spontaneously
and showed up on their own, to the surprise and delight of all

Michael Brown

Murphy Brown

Chris Coggins

Ken Lippe

Charlie Wolf


Special mention

Ann Wallen, Chief's secretary, was also in attendance.







Summer Reunion was fortunate to have Ben Moore in attendance. Ben was one of the pioneers of Canoe Camp.  He brought some evocative photos of Sequoyah's Aquon idyll during the fifties, when it was still an ongoing project for the Tsali boys.  Many of Ben's shots are the Tsali crew between chores, including a band of ersatz "Pirates".


Ben, attacking the rapids






Here's a great photo album provided by Mike Miller.  These shots, taken mostly from the Capps years, are a colorful compliment to Walt Kuentzel's collection.







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